Kansas City native Mintra Greer (b. 1990) is currently studying for her B.F.A. in photography at the Kansas City Art Institute. She uses photography as a representation or documentation of time-based media, such as music and film, utilizing her skills as a composer and musician and her interest in narrative to unpack greater meaning behind the still image. In 2011 she translated her impressions of words into music and then translated that into equally impressionistic photographs. Venturing into the world of science fiction, she shot the film Simulacrum, a short film dealing with love, death, and what it means to live as a human. Told in a progression of stills and cinemagraphs that evolve into full movement, Simulacrum has been a landmark for her, exposing her interest in the relationship between the still and moving image. She continues to explore this relationship in her senior thesis film, where she will construct a narrative solely propelled by carefully composed visuals and musical elements. ­


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